Berlin Round 3: Outdoor Swimming Sessions and Missed Connections

If you’re kind of like me, then what makes a city even better than endless bars, restaurants, and other entertainment opportunities is its access to natural sights and activities, or just things to do outdoors. Berlin is huge, and the transportation system is great, albeit a bit difficult for me to catch onto.  But, I think that’s more of a personal issue with inexperience with train/subway systems, and I started to get the hang of it by the end.


It was warm and sunny for most of the week, and we took advantage yet again of our metro pass and this public transportation system and went 40 minutes to this lake called Schlactenhsee. This was my favorite thing we did while in Berlin and there is no charge. Free.
The day before we had done the emotionally heavy tour of Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and we both were itching for some brain-off time. We found it here, where you can walk along the trail that encircles the lake, pick a spot in any little cove, and jump right into the cool, clear water.


Many people were doing stand up paddle, some had floaties, and others had boats they were paddling. I was a bit envious of them all, especially the floaties, but so content with the refreshing feeling of being able to swim uninhibited only a few train rides away from such a metropolis. It was also here that I learned that Pat cannot float.

After a dip and drying off in the shade of the trees on the bank, we went to the more crowded area with full sun and snoozed and soaked up the rays. We took in the boobies that were also enjoying the sunshine freely as well. Boobs and buns, really. I took this opportunity to change out of my bikini top and into my bralette and no one batted an eye. Ah, freedom, ladies!

As if it couldn’t be better, there’s of course a bier garten right across the street from the trail entrance, and we had some after-swim treats and a drink. First time having schnitzel, too!

We enjoyed the lake so much that we considered going the next day, too. But, there’s so much to see and do, we thought it best to try a different swimming place.

This time, we went to Badeschiff (Website here!), which is a pool that’s built right into the river (Columbus, can you do this, too? Make the Old-n-tangly a lot nicer..). It was also super awesome, with a bar and food shop, lounge chairs, multiple levels, a view of the city and the famous radio tower from the water, and a lot of sand. I followed the rules which requested no photography, but again, thanks to the internet, I can show you.  so great. Admission was 5.50 per person.
For more swimming spots, please refer to this website, which is where we got information on these two places- Swimming Tour of Berlin

Well, that’s a wrap of our week in Berlin! Please enjoy these final parting photos of our extra few hours we got to have in this city after missing our bus to Kaiserslautern.  Despite Pat’s advantage in speaking some German, and despite most Germans’ ability to speak very good English, we underestimated our commute time and got lost finding the bus station. Pat takes off running, leaving me in the dust, and I learned that if I were in a combat zone and had to survive by running at full speed with my backpack and other items, I would lead the pack for 7 seconds and then surely die. Also, this is Germany, not South America, and that means that shit happens on time. We were late. No amount of running was going to make that bus be there when we arrived… So, we bought new tickets at the station and then hit up a café nearby. This photo says, I come from the land of “hot shots”, “top offs” and “A warm up, hon?”. not a “large” pot of coffee. 😉 hehe

We then chilled out at a park by a lake under the shade of some weeping willows. All in all, it worked out ok, and I got to cross the street with Ampelman one more time 😀 . Take a listen to Pat’s beautiful guitar music in combo with my adoration for weeping willow dancing branches. This is very relaxing for me:

Bye Berlin… I’m glad we didn’t listen to any Judgy Judies and stuck with our plan of exploring all you had to offer, touristy and all. I sure hope to be back one day!


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